Trump Girls Break the Internet, Liberals Lose Their Small Minds

The liberal outrage machine was at it again today. Not even the weekend is safe from these cranky crybabies. It’s too bad they don’t put the same effort into finding real work. The U.S. economy would be booming and our nation’s debt eliminated.

This time the PC police stormed twitter. You see, a harmless hashtag was started by Donald Trump supporters. It was #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet. You may remember a similarly-named hashtag featuring Kim Kardashian’s bulbous, bare backside from 2014. If not, consider yourself lucky. If you do, we apologize for reopening old wounds. We promise not to post any of the wide-angle pictures.

Back to this weekend. Female fans of Trump (and their admirers) shared pictures of themselves supporting the Donald. Most of the photos were PG rated, some PG-13. The way the left reacted, though, you would think the pictures were hardcore pornography posted in an elementary school.




These feminist do-gooders must have forgotten about 2007’s icon, Obama Girl:



Hypocrisy, how does it work?

Of course liberal outrage would be incomplete without tossing out the race card. Every time a liberal plays the race card, a dead Democrat gets its voter’s registration card.



What had the left so enraged? Here’s a sampling of #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet. As always, the women on the right prove that they’re more attractive than the grumbling grumps on the left.


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