Good Guy With a Gun Saves Lives in South Carolina

Here’s a story you probably won’t see on the nightly news or elsewhere in the mainstream media. A man with a concealed carry permit prevented mass murder in South Carolina last Sunday. Four people were shot but none of them killed or seriously wounded. reports the incident occurred outside Playoffz nightclub in Lyman, SC around 3:30 am. Local police say Jody Ray Thompson got into an argument with another man. Soon after Thompson pulled a gun and started shooting. He struck three people before a heroic bystander drew his own firearm and shot Thompson in the leg. That ended the conflict, saved lives, and sent the anti-gun crowd spiraling into depression.

Fortunately for everyone there, the bystander possessed a valid concealed-carry permit and was prepared. His shooting was deemed justified as self-defense and he will not be charged with any crime. He also has our thanks.

Think President Obama will invite him to a beer summit or hold a press conference in his honor? Don’t hold your breath.

As for Jody Ray Thompson, he has been charged with four counts of attempted murder. Who says the bad guys always win?

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